Silverwood and Palouse Falls

Do you like waterfalls?

As in, you’d take a vacation with the point of touring just waterfalls?

Would you join WLA (Waterfall Lovers Anonymous)?

I introduce to you a not so anonymous waterfall lover: me! (surprise, surprise)

I have dreamed of going on a waterfall vacation as long as I can remember. My parents used to take me places specifically because they knew there was a waterfall there that I would like. And living in the great Pacific Northwest waterfalls can be found aplenty.

Now why have I gone off my rocker and started babbling about waterfalls? Well because my most wonderful husband surprised me by taking me to the one above on our 1st year anniversary. He has understood this love for waterfalls quite well. He proposed to me at this one below (Multnomah Falls):

Photo and credits found here.

Ah to reminisce. It was a chilly day, but sunny. We drove a few hours on Spring Break to visit friends in Portland, OR. On the way the boyfriend told me to read him directions. Well we exited at Bridal Veil Rd (coincidence?) and continued on the parking lot at the waterfall. I asked him why we were here and he said, “To go on an adventure!”

So we bought a peppermint mocha to share (my favorite drink, did I mention I love my husband?) and climbed the steep hill to the top of the falls. It’s quite the trek, let me tell you.

And a proposal took place. Now it was an intimate affair and not one I am willing to share here. But it was perfect.

Lo and behold we are now married. And we went to Palouse Falls for our anniversary and had a lovely picnic. I could see us visiting one every year on that day.

The day beforehand we went to Silverwood. It was alright, the Tremors rollercoaster was a lot of fun. So were the waterslides. But there were too many people for our tastes. (Ironic that we should say that, we are downtown Seattle natives…) I think it was all the families that were getting to the husband. He loves children, but I think it was too much for him.

Anyway, it was an amazing time. The husband bought me these and gave them to me at Palouse Falls. What is it about him and giving me jewelry at waterfalls? No complaints here.:

I adore pearls. And these earrings have small diamonds on the bottom to give them some sparkle. Very classy. If I had to define my favorite style it would be classic. At least that’s what I strive for.

But you know what else? I don’t have pierced ears. Now before you say,”And your husband didn’t know that?!” and,”You don’t have pierced ears?!” Just hold yer horses there pard’ner.

He does know. And yes I do not.

The earrings came with a story that my husband specially chose. You may find it here.

Now don’t go all crazy on me. The point of the story is that I am choosing to be is wife and serve him willfully the rest of my life. It’s a symbol of that loyalty.

Anyway, it meant a lot to me. And now I am to get my ears pierced in the next month or so. Then I can wear my beautiful earrings!

The reason I didn’t previously have holes in them was because my mom said I couldn’t til I was 16. FYI my mother doesn’t have her ears pierced and she’s in her 50s. A rare, but awesome thing.

When I turned 16 I just didn’t care and decided to hold off. When my husband and I were dating I asked him what he thought and he said he kind of liked the uniqueness of not having them pierced.

But here we are. And I’m happy. I love jewelry, I own a ridiculous amount of necklaces. So now I’m going to own a ridiculous amount of earrings.

What are your favorite pair of earrings?

To come: Pictures of my favorite waterfalls, some I’ve seen and some I am still hoping to see.

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