You know you’re a Seattlite if…

How many times have you moved since the age 18? Your whole life?

The answer for me is 5. Well, soon to be 6 if you want to be technical. But that number is my whole life, and ironically also since I turned 18.

I didn’t move once in my whole 18 years.

Move #1: Into my first dorm, Mercer Hall.

Move #2: Then part way through the year I moved the 2nd time to another dorm where I could have my own room.

Move #3: To my cousin’s basement where I lived for a summer before I was married.

Move #4: Into my first apartment with my husband.

Move #5: A move to Spokane for 4 months for a contract job. This weekend will be my 6th move. And it will be back to Seattle. And I am excited!

My husband and I do not like Spokane. The culture just does not groove with us. The thing I like the most are the skywalks downtown, and Spokane Falls. And spring weather is better. Being close to Coeur d’Alene isn’t bad either, I really like it there. And no hurt meant to any local Spokanites, it’s just not our thing.

But Seattle is where the heart is, which is funny because neither of us ever lived in Seattle before college. I grew up about an hour away, he was several hours distance away. What can I say? We like coffee, we like rain (more like mist), we like salmon, and we like lots of green. We like all the parks, being surrounded by water, the transportation system, (Spokane’s is awful, not that Seattle’s perfect), we like islands, big mountains, ferries, cold weather, and trolls under our bridges.

Huh, this looks like a list. I should perhaps make a longer list, as it is such a favorite pastime of mine:

Seattle, why I love thee

-Salmon, we scoff at Atlantic salmon though, and there is nobody out there who could honestly agree if they’ve had both side by side. Or if they’ve ever had Copper River Salmon, one of the most amazing things in the world.

-Northface jackets

-Amazing coffee shops

-Fish are thrown, not handed

-We have a super easy recycling system

-We don’t carry umbrellas (you know, because we have webbed toes)

-The view of Mt. Rainier on a sunny day after a month of clouds is always breathtaking

-Lawns are more like moss carpet

-I never have to call some computer specialist since so many friends are computer science guys

-The city may shut down in the snow, but man no one blinks an eye at a drizzle and rarely at a downpour

-Really tasty Asian restaurants

-Summer wildflower fields on Rainier, there are no words

-We measure distance in hours (as soon as I moved to Spokane I noticed that I started using miles…it was scary)

-We have our own mini Panama Canal (the Ballard Locks)

-Most extensive ferry system in the U.S.

Ok so maybe I like Seattle too much. And trust me, you get used to the clouds and drizzle so fast, the pros outweigh the cons. Not that I want you moving to Seattle, I’d like it not to be crowded. I’m not saying Seattle is the best, but it is for me. Every large city I’ve been to does not compare, and I’ve been to a lot.

So what do you like about your city?

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One thought on “You know you’re a Seattlite if…

  1. Danielle Russell says:

    I’m with ya on the Spokane thing. Love the skywalks and other stuff you mention, too, but I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I visit there; it’s just not MY town!

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