How to Move to a New Home

How long does it take you to unpack?

For me and my husband to unpack it took 3 1/2 days. I include the 1/2 day because I unpacked nearly the entire kitchen on the first night. And I have broken down so many cardboard boxes it’s ridiculous, but I have recycled them like a good Seattle girl.

Now how to move to a new home?

  • Begin packing 2 weeks ahead of time and be finished the day before.
  • Rent a Penske truck, not U-haul, not Budget. Penske. Also get quotes for a variety of days and pick-up times, even drop-off points as this all effects the total cost.  Tell you what, I’ll write up a review about them sometime.
  • If you can help it then completely pack everything and sleep at a friends home the night before putting everything in the moving truck.
  • Wrap furniture in sheets and blankets, some of our furniture was damaged because we mistakenly thought it would be alright.
  • Got to a liquor store and ask for boxes, the dividers that are in them are perfect for transporting cups and glasses.
  • Wrap dishes and breakables in clean clothing or towels, then you don’t have to wash the newspaper dust off of them when you unpack.
  • Put the furniture in last into the truck so it’s the first thing out. And wrap fragile furniture, we ended up with some awful scratches on our bedroom dresser.
  • And the number one tip is: Get as many friends/family as you can to help!

So there are many other facets to moving, though most of the rest of them that I have are apartment-living specific. Like making sure you either transfer or cancel utilities the day you move, and call ahead of time for internet since it takes a few days to transfer. Oh and lastly, forward your mail a week in advance.

Remember my previous post’s love story about Seattle? Well our roommate has only been in Seattle for a few days in his life. So we will introduce him to the wonders that be. Am I looking foward to it? You betcha.

And did I tell you that we already found the nearest bistro with great happy hour deals? It’s a great place. It’s modern, serves large meals, 2.50 beers during hh, amazing appetizers, and it has wifi. It’s our new Friday night spot. Did I mention the lovely outdoor seating with a view of the lake?

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