2016 Olympics

Congratulations Rio!

I was rooting for Rio. Chicago (in my humble opinion) is very dull and not very pretty. But this is coming from someone with no love for the Midwest. No offense to those who live there, it’s just not for a Pacific girl.

At the last International Olympic Committee gathering to choose the 2014 Winter Olympics, I was there–sort of. You see it was held in Guatemala at precisely the time I was visiting there (July 2007) and it was purely coincidence.

The IOC meeting was a big to-do there. The streets were closed off for blocks around the event center. The newspapers were chomping at the bit. It was actually quite exciting. There were 3 major world leaders in tiny little Guatemala, of course the most significant of these was Putin. There’s a video of his speech, he’s speaking English but the translator talks over him on the video, located here. I heard that he bought a house to stay in just for the few days he was visiting, though that was never verified.

Look at Putin among the birds of paradise flowers, isn’t it nice?

Russia put on quite a show for the IOC. They even built the first ice rink in Guatemala (article can be found here) and brought in their most famous Russian ice skater (also happens to be my favorite), Evgeni Plushenko. I about died when I saw his picture in the Guatemalan newspaper, Prensa Libre. I had no idea he would be there before I saw that photo. The article even said what hotel he was staying in.

Don’t you know I kept my eyes peeled in Antigua and I swear I may have seen him in el mercado. A pale, blonde Russian kind of stands out amongst Latinos. But I was headed somewhere in a hurry, and now I’ll never know if that was him. Pity.

I just love the Olympics. I used to dream of working for the IOC. I even took a quarter of French (one of the IOC’s official languages) during that phase. In the future I will visit their headquarters in Switzerland. Have I mentioned that I am in love with Switzerland? No? Well that’s another post for a another day sweetums.


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