Creamy, Extravagant, Perfectly Balanced Snack

Photo by Tetsumo.

Remember when you were little and you would dip apples slices in caramel sauce? Carrots in ranch? Strawberries in chocolate?

Well I grew up doing all those, except the strawberries. I had a different style. My mother served these little red bites dipped in sour cream and rolled in a little brown sugar. I still eat my strawberries like this for a snack or dessert.

However, in the last year I’ve stopped buying sour cream. Plain yogurt replaces it perfectly in every recipe as far as I’ve found. I usually buy non-fat plain yogurt, but recently started buying full fat Brown Cow yogurt. You know, with the thick layer of cream on top? It’s purely decadent, it nearly replaces any craving for ice cream I have. And I always add my own flavors. A few drops of vanilla or some cut fruit. Cut fruit, that brings me back to my topic.

So here’s my spin on my childhood favorite:

Chop up some strawberries, preferably organic or wild since those enormous, tasteless things they call strawberries at most stores are doing a poor job of masquerading as this delightful berry.

Now put about a half cup of plain yogurt (it’s better with full fat yogurt, but you can use any) in a bowl. Put in the strawberries, as much as you want. Then add a couple tablespoons of brown sugar. Yeah, yeah it’s evil and just white sugar with a little molasses. But those couple tablespoons every now and then are worth it to me. I’ve tried it with Sucanet and others but they don’t cut it.

Now, mix all 3 ingredients together and dig in. It’s just so good! The tartness from the yogurt mixed with sweetness and graininess of the brown sugar and the juicy strawberries is remarkable, really. The brown sugar just adds such a great texture, ribbons of sweet decadence swirling around in the yogurt. Sometimes when I have a craving for this but don’t have any berries, I just put a little brown sugar in some yogurt and it satisfies it well enough.

I suggest trying this at least once, and someone let me know if they find a healthier substitute for brown sugar! Also try just dipping your strawberries in sour cream and the sugar. I can’t rave enough about it. My husband was skeptical of the sour cream, but he agrees it really is wonderful.

Soon I’m going to attempt to make my own yogurt AND yogurt cheese. Tune in this week to see how it goes!

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