Some Food Shouldn’t be Canned

Prepare yourself, these are graphic. Ok, it’s just graphic for the queasy and unadventurous consumer.

3 Foods that Should Never be Found in a Can

1. Silkworm Pupae


Photo by willsfca

Mmm, insect pupae. Actually it reminds me of something from Men in Black, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Here’s the full effect again:


Photo by willsfca

Scrumptious, right?

2. Whole Chicken

whole chicken

Photo by chilie

I like my chicken fresh, thank you. To see the birthing of one of these babies from its prison, visit [pageslap]‘s post about canned whole chicken.

Ok and seriously? Look at the size of that can compared to the arm in the photo. Yikes!

3. Grass Jelly


Photo by Jesse Gardner

I know some people who like this, but for me? Jiggly black jell-o is not doing it for me. Same with my aversion to blue jell-o, it looks like gelled chemicals a little too much.

My mother never bought unnaturally blue-colored food. No blue jell-o. No blue kool-aid. She said too many cleaning solutions were blue so children might get them confused…so she just banned it all together. Though when she did buy the occasional package of blue M&Ms my dad went through and ate all the blue ones for her. He’s a real sweetheart. 🙂

Coming up:  More disgusting-looking food, but I promise some food porn in the future!


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