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I hate bookmarking. I hate it. At least I hate bookmarking in-browser. I bookmark so many things that I lose things and forget about them. Which is why I use Evernote now and I love it to pieces. Not to mention that it’s perfect for lists! I’ll review it for you this weekend.

On Evernote, I have one note that is devoted to fun links. And why should I keep those links to myself? Introducing Saturday as Links Day! Not sausage links you silly goose, fun links! Now let me preface this that I got the idea from Foodista (where I intern!). There we have Friday Fun Links! By the way, my first blog post on the Foodista blog was today, take a look at Raw Tacos by yours truly!

And on to the list!

1. Enormous Jellyfish

Photo from

This completely freaks me out. When I was little my oldest brother used to play with jellyfish during their off season (a.k.a. no sting season) and his hands would glow in the dark. That was pretty awesome. But this? This thing is taking down boats man. That’s a force to be reckoned with.

2. Eggs in Bacon Baskets

Something about this just seems like, “duh!” It’s so simple yet so unique at the same time. Someone try it, I just have to know what they think.

3. Carved Veggies

These are really pretty. I love the roses carved in watermelons! They just look so vibrant and meticulous! Here’s a picture from the post:

Photo from

4. Awful Library Books

This cute little website features an awful library book in each post. Some of them are hilarious…and growing mold on the front cover, gross. Time to toss!

Actually this is more gross, Dissection Guide to a Cat. Veterinary’s library from the 70’s? Yes. Average public library? Please no.

5. Sandwich Art

Now these are fun. Isn’t the Wall-E one just adorable?

And here’s the How To Make a Wall-E Sandwich!

6. Interactive Diner Tables

No waiters? I don’t know, I like the interaction. Though it would save us from the waiters who think it’s ok to bring the check when he brings the meal. Nobody can enjoy their dinner with the check staring at them. Sheesh.

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