Picture of the Day

Today started out drizzly, it’s been stormy here in Seattle the last few days. Friday was the weirdest day of all, there was a thunderstorm late Thursday night/early Friday morning that was just intense! Of course this is coming from someone who’s never experienced a hurricane, which I’m bettin’ my bottom dollar that a hurricane is much more insane.

But, after every storm comes the light. Or another storm. But in the case of today’s picture it’s the light. The picture is taken of the view from Mission Peak of the San Francisco Bay area. Now I don’t know if it just rained or not, but it has a greatness about it, the light breaking through the darkness kind of intensity.

Now then, I’m off to the farmer’s market and a little thriftstore digging. Have a great Saturday!

Photo by Februum.

One more time, I just love it. The green hill reminds me of pastureland and the clouds look like they’re out of a world renowned painting. And to see it even larger go here.

San Francisco Bay Area

P.S. If you’re a photographer and you want to have your picture in a Picture of the Day post, just shoot me a message.

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3 thoughts on “Picture of the Day

  1. Beautiful pic! You should frame it. Saw you were “following” me on Twitter and thought I’d stop by for a visit. Enjoy your day!

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