Picture of the Day

Today’s picture was just a random find on Flikr. Something about it said, “Relax and have a nice, calm, dreamy Monday!” or it’s telling me to go on vacation. Either way I’m down for it.

This picture is in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico at the Dos Hermanos Bridge. Photo by abnelphoto.com.

Blue is assumed to be a relaxing color, the color of the sky and water, it’s no question. According to Color Psychology, it’s the “tranquil” color.

On another not, don’t you wish you could dive like that? Or maybe you can, you’re just more daring than the rest of us. Maybe I’ll learn how to do it when I visit Sky High Sports! What better way to learn than in a room full of trampolines, right?

One more time for the cheap seats in the back!

divingPhoto by abnelphoto.com.

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