Picture of the Day

Photo by Macorig Paolo

Today’s picture is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s like the heavens are descending upon this little portion of the Italian coast.

According to the photographer, this is a photo from Sciacca, Sicily looking towards Africa. It sounds so exotic! At least for those of us who haven’t been to Italy or Africa…

My husband and I will travel in the future. Once we get past the goals of a master’s degree and career establishment. He and I would adore traveling to Italy, Northern/Eastern Europe, France, Israel, Egpyt, Central America, I could make quite the list. I have plans to list the top 10 countries we’d like to visit, why we want to visit, and the top sites we’d like to see. This will take awhile to produce, but it will happen.

In the meantime, this photo is just gorgeous to the nth power.

Looking towards africa

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