What I Learned this Week

It’s funny how much I know I learned a lot in a week’s time, but I can’t seem to recall more than a few things. Does that happen to you?

(insert brilliant segway here)

What I learned this week:

1. I learned how to do a back flip on a trampoline at a gym-like place that has rooms that the floor and walls are trampolines. Absolutely fantastic! The key is getting over the fear of breaking your neck, once you try it the first time and realize it’s not so scary, the rest is easy! The place we went (Sky High Sports, multiple locations) looks a lot like the picture above. I’ll post videos this week.

2. Newborn babies are about the most precious thing I’ve ever seen. My husband’s cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this week, she’s probably the newest newborn I’ve ever seen. So pink!

3. Living without a dishwasher for 2 weeks (and counting!) is hard when you’re accustomed to having one. I’ve lived for a long time without one before, but it’s just taunting me right now. It’s just sitting in my kitchen doing nothing, what a slacker, sheesh.

4. You can make your own cake mix! Not a shocker really, I mean, obviously you can make cakes without cake mix so making cake mix is well…obvious. I had to make some pumpkin squares (recipe to come!) for a family gathering and didn’t have yellow cake mix. A quick google search gave me one that worked for the recipe beautifully.

5. I learned about the street pianos in London that my aunt saw on her recent visit. I use the term ‘recent’ loosely as her trip was during the summer.

6. My Opa and his sister turned 80 this weekend. I had no idea they were that old, I thought at most they were 75. I’m such a bum when it comes to how old people are. I’m not even sure how old my parents are.

7. Learned about a special something that I will reveal soon! No I’m not pregnant. Rest assured, that won’t happen for many a year. 🙂

Photo by 6S

What I learned this week is brought to you by JoLynn at Musings of a Housewife.


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