What I Learned This Week

I had a lovely Thanksgiving with the in-laws and I met their baby llama! Tomorrow’s post will feature the little bugger, be sure not to miss it. There will be a video of the thing prancing around like a gazelle.

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On with the lessons!

1. I didn’t die after eating leftover turkey 6 days after it was roasted. But I’m not putting the 7th day to the test.

2. You can defrost food in a ziploc bag in the microwave, just as long as it’s defrosting, not cooking.

3. I learned how to play drums on Beatles Rock Band, and I promise it was fun. Even my in-laws love it. Of course the music is their era, not mine.

4. My sister-in-law is pregnant with child #2! My brother and their son and I have all decided it will be a girl this time around. I will love her to pieces.

5. Apple pie isn’t always what you think.

6. I also learned that National Pie Day isn’t today as The Nibble told me, it’s actually January 23rd every year. Seriously, it’s official. The American Pie Council says so. It also sounds like a dream job to make such decisions.

7. I learned that getting up 10 minutes earlier makes the day so much easier. And really, who gets that much out of an extra 10 minutes of laying in bed? I know it’s hard to leave your warm nest though, at least that’s my problem on cold winter mornings.

Photo by L. Marie

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