Candy Bar in a Cup

Mmm, candy bar in a cup. I’m sitting in a cafe that doubles as a chocolate shop and all of their drinks are deliciously chocolatey and rich. I always get mine as an 8 ounce because of how rich they are. And if you’d like to know, today I got an orange hot chocolate. Which is basically pure heaven. You really have no idea. It’s not like an orange hot chocolate from Starbucks, not even in the same league. The only other orange chocolate drink that measures up is at B&O in Capitol Hill here in Seattle. You could try Bellagio Mocha Hot Cocoa. But I make no promises that it’s as good as the stuff in this cafe.

Anyway, they have a hot chocolate called Europa. And it has four times as much chocolate in the drink. Four. So basically it’s just melted chocolate.

A woman just came in and ordered one, and the barista told her to take a spoon and stir it every now and again or else she’d end up with, “A candy bar in a cup.”

My ears perk up. Now I really want one.

But furthermore, the woman sat down with her friend and took a sip of her drink, made a face, and said, “Too much chocolate, ugh.” Too much. Too much. I know, hard to believe right?

And for those of you who were wondering, yes I hardcore people-watch in coffee shops. It could be you I’m watching, not to sound like a stalker or anything. But it’s true, I watch people. Not staring, just observing.

By the way, I got a chocolate covered potato chip to celebrate Chocolate Covered Anything Day today. And it’s actually pretty ok, not great, but it’s cool.

P.S. The friend of the girl who doesn’t appreciate chocolate has a ringtone from Dr. Horrible. She’s amazing.

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2 thoughts on “Candy Bar in a Cup

  1. Candy bar in a cup….sounds like a great winter treat!

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