Happy National Chocolate Covered Anything Day!

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day has arrived, the Chocolate Covered To-Do List’s favorite holiday. Ok it’s a couple rungs down on the holiday ladder, but it’s still up there.

Hmmm, how about I celebrate with chocolate covered ants (you can actually buy such things here)! Ha….ha…..no. I’m a selective eater, not an adventurous one. Though on my travels I have never turned down food, no matter how skeptical I was. But as far as my day to day eating habits, I’m a teensy bit picky. I’m at least not as picky as our roomie who doesn’t even like chocolate. I can never accept that.

This is also a day to celebrate with fondue, since everything you dip in it is then chocolate covered. It’s just a great excuse to dig out that fondue pot that someone gave you for Christmas and you never use. But you should. Today.

Here are a few of my favorite chocolate covered things (in list form, what else?):

Chocolate Covered List (Not a to-do list, but it’ll do)

Chocolate Covered Porsche (Whaaaaaat? It’s a real porsche? I don’t know, you’ll have to click!)

Chocolate Covered Spoons (I used to love these as a kid)

Chocolate Covered Bacon (That’s AMERICAN! Except not.)

Candy Cane Chocolate Coverd Pretzels

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans (I am in love with these, so in love. So very, very in love.)

Chocolate Covered Cherries (Mmmm, Chukar Cherries is a blessing on Washington.)

Chocolate Covered Dreidels

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Chocolate Covered Garlic (I’d sooner try the bacon, you?)

Chocolate Covered Mints (below)

Photo by ericskiff

You should note, all chocolate covered things should be covered in dark chocolate. Is there any other?

Top photo by enviziondotnet.

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One thought on “Happy National Chocolate Covered Anything Day!

  1. I saw the chocolate covered bacon at my local supermarket the other day. I really wanted to buy, but I was too ashamed to bring to the cashier.

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