I Eat Limes Straight Up…with the Miracle Berry!

It’s a miracle fruit! It makes lemons and limes sweet! It takes the pucker out of grapefruit! It makes beer taste like chocolate! It’s the miracle berry! It’s flavor-trippin’!

So tonight I went to my brother-in-law’s house for an evening of fun and games. And my other brother-in-law had brought Mberry Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets!

Ok now I just sound like an advertisement. Which this isn’t, I wasn’t compensated at all. Just for the record.

Really, these tablets are amazing! If you aren’t familiar, the berry basically makes sour foods taste sweet. It’s caused by a protein called miraculin (miracle berry…get it?). It basically rewires how you perceive these flavors. The pills last anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the person. And no, no side effects. It’s been all the rage now because of this New York Times article.

Anyway, I dissolved the tablet on my tongue, making sure it touched all the taste buds. Then I bit into a piece of lime. And let me tell you…it was delicious! It tasted kind of like an orange, but not. I could have eaten so many of them. But one of the warnings of this product is that the product does not change the food, only your taste buds. So even though you could eat several limes, it would be really hard on your stomach and not recommended. I tried lemons as well, but they tasted just like lemons. But sweet. Some people drink lemon water while using a tablet and the lemon water tastes like lemonade.

Short story is that it’s a lot of fun. Some foods don’t really seem any different, but some (like the limes) are massively sweeter. There are a variety of foods the Mberry company reccomends you try with. Some are:

  • Citrus fruits (like candy!)
  • Vinegar potato chips
  • Wine
  • Beer (still the beer aftertaste, but going down it’s kind of like chocolate)
  • Acidic foods

Some food completely loses it’s flavor when you try it. Like salami or darjeeling tea. It gets stripped of it’s saltiness or acidity and it becomes bland. And they strongly recommend against trying vodka with it, it’s described as tasting like rubbing alcohol. Although in my opinion that’s what it tastes like anyway, but whatever.

I’ll just say that the limes were absolutely the best. I can think of a lot of other foods I’d like to try sometime. Some users report differences between the brands of the tablets. Some have tested sucking on the berry and compared it to the effects of a tablet and they are the same, except the berry’s effects last longer.

How about you have these at a holiday party? It would be such a hit. These really are a lot of fun. Kids would have an absolute blast.


4 thoughts on “I Eat Limes Straight Up…with the Miracle Berry!

  1. I recommend fruit like: grape (white), lime, grapefruit, blueberry and strawberry with miracle fruit.

  2. Angel says:

    I’m intending on giving durians & lychee a try w/ the miracle fruit. I just have to track them down since I don’t come by them often, and I hate the way the canned stuff tastes (all tinny blah!). Let me know if you try anything bizarre.

    • Carrie says:

      I suggest trying an Asian market (like Uwajimaya’s if you have one). I have seen durians there, not sure about lychee. I’d like to try it with more citrus, and maybe pomegranates.

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