A Very Merry Christmas

As we speak, I am on Snoqualmie Pass up in the Cascade Mountains on my way to Spokane, to visit my oldest brother and his family. Which includes my only nephew, he’s so sweet. He’s only 3, and all he wanted for Christmas was a flashlight. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t get a Buzz Lightyear backpack.

My husband is driving very well, the road is wet and there is a light snow falling. I’m particularly enjoying all the frozen waterfalls.

The trees sure are pretty too. I hope there’s more snow along the way, it would make the next 217 miles much more pleasant.

Christmas was truly a wonderful time. My mother gave me a much coveted food processor, commercial baking pans, a mandolin, the 8th season of Little House on the Prairie, and a book about lists. Seriously.

Side note, we just hydroplaned. That always makes me nervous. Eek!

My parents gave my husband a bottle of peach beer, which I we opened a couple of nights ago. Now I don’t particularly like beer, but this Belgian Peche beer was delicioso.

Photo by Chris.Corwin

I would love to elaborate on all the events of our holiday season, but you and I both know I am going to make a list.

Christmas 2009

  1. I made 2 types of fudge, 3 batches of cookies and 1 pineapple upside down cake.
  2. My husband lost his wedding ring on the beach at my Opa’s house. (At least it was a romantic place.)
  3. Didn’t buy a single Christmas present at the mall. I’m quite proud of that.
  4. Traveled approximately 700 miles total, at least by the end of this current trip.
  5. Listened to O Come Emmanuel countless times, it’s my favorite Christmas song.
  6. Only used one roll of wrapping paper, and one bag of bows for all presents.
  7. Burned myself on the back of my wrist on the oven. I may even get a scar out of the deal.
  8. Played one game of Munchkins, the board game, with my cousins and husband.
  9. Watched Christmas in Connecticut.

Just entered Cle Elum and we’re descending the mountain now. Coming soon: a long, long road through a desolate land we call Eastern Washington. Seriously, it’s like driving through Kansas. No offense to those from Kansas, it’s a lovely place. I saw camels, so it must be pretty cool.

So, how many batches of cookies did you bake this holiday season?

Snoqualmie Pass photo by romulusnr.

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2 thoughts on “A Very Merry Christmas

  1. Jamie says:

    I ended up making 4 batches of cookies, a gingerbread, 2 sugar, and the coffee chocolate ones. However, I really do think my gingerbread men ran away, because I couldn’t find them in my mom’s house (where I made them).

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