The Events of 2009

I am at my brother’s house to celebrate the new year, and his birthday. Pretty cool eh, a New Years’ Eve birthday?

Anyway, it’s quiet here at the moment. My sister-in-law (who’s pregnant!) and my nephew are at the store, Husband and brother and talking politics, and I’m catching up on bills and blogs. I also started to reflect on the events of this past year, my first full year of marriage. Here’s what I came up with:

Events of 2009

  1. Graduated from the University of Washington.
  2. Moved to Spokane for 4 months.
  3. Worked at Purposeful Africa.
  4. Celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary at Palouse Falls.
  5. Visited Silverwood for the first time.
  6. Suffered strep throat for 2 weeks.
  7. Became an intern at Foodista.
  8. Started A Chocolate Covered To-Do List.
  9. Welcomed a baby llama into the world.
  10. Husband started his master’s program.

The best parts of 2009? Graduating from UW, my husband starting his masters degree, and moving into a great apartment in a neighborhood we’ve been wanting to live in for a long time.

What were the best parts of 2009 for you?

Photo by ahisgett.

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