Menu Plan Monday

So on Mondays my Twitter Feed is filled with mommy bloggers posting their menu plans for the week. Every week I think, “Huh, I should start menu planning.” And you would think that I would menu plan. In a sense I do, I’ll scribble short lists for what I need to buy to make certain dish, but it’s never very formal. Plus there are only two of us so dinner plans are always pretty flexible.

So here goes, my menu plan.

Monday: Pineapple Coconut Chicken Curry (I actually don’t follow a recipe, but this one is close. Though I don’t use cilantro, and I use a few teaspoons of machi curry powder in place of the paste.)

Tuesday: Leftover elk chili from Sunday

Wednesday: Pad Thai (We use our own recipe that varies from time to time, but the linked one is for if you’re curious.)

Thursday: Chicken White Sauce Pizza (chicken, alfredo sauce, mozzarella, bell peppers, garlic, and mushrooms on a Trader Joe’s crust)

Friday: Dinner out (or leftovers)

Saturday: Bay Scallops (seared with lemon, butter, and random seasonings of choice) and salad

Sunday: Baked Indonesian Chicken (chicken breast marinated in a sauce I received as a gift) with Hasselback Potatoes.

Right now the elk stew is simmering and will be Tuesday’s dinner too hopefully. And yes, I do eat dinner this late (9pm PST). The joys of a home without children (at least for now). I’ll let you know next week how closely I followed this plan. Not likely since I just got back from Uwajimaya’s (local Asian store) and picked up tons of ingredients for yummy curries and pad see ew.

See more menus for Menu Plan Monday @ The Organizing Junkie!

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One thought on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Org Junkie says:

    Welcome to MPM, so glad you’ve joined us!!

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