What I Learned This Week

If you can’t see the entire photo above (if you see it on the right hand side then you’re fine), then please view this post individually by clicking on the title. You have to see what’s on the nun’s feet!

I learned that it’s better to write down what I learned this week than try to come up with it on the spot for this post.

I learned how to keep brown sugar soft. Keeping brown sugar in the freezer and then taking it out and leaving it on the counter for a few minutes will result with nice, soft sugar. But actually I really don’t have a problem with my brown sugar hardening.

I learned that rollerblading is much harder to do than I remember. My husband and I took a a skate around the lake by our apartment. FYI he is much better than I am. I say it’s because of all the skateboarding he used to do. Me? I fell twice. Both times on a hill, once going up and once going down.

I learned that ice skating is also a lot more difficult than I remember. My husband is also better than me at ice skating. I had no idea. By the way, Saturday night we went ice skating and then Sunday afternoon we went and bought roller blades from Goodwill. That’s why they both happened this weekend.

I learned that both aforementioned forms of exercise are really fun forms of exercise. Zipping around the lake in 25 minutes on roller blades is way more exciting than running/walking around in an hour. And needless to say ice skating is just plain awesome, but too expensive to do regularly. 😦

I learned that a little bit of truffle oil makes vegetables so delicious. Oh my goodness I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s just so unique in flavor, I’m not sure how to describe it. Just YUM.

For more things learned this week, visit From Inmates to Playdates!

Isn’t the picture of the nuns rollerblading awesome? Just randomly found it on Flikr. I’m quite pleased. The photographer was aprilzosia.

By the way, please vote for Foodista.com for a Shorty award (Twitter awards) in the food category if you can. Keep cookin’!

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6 thoughts on “What I Learned This Week

  1. zoe says:

    I’d be scared of falling on my backside if I went skating of either variety. Maybe that’s even more reason to just get out there and have a go.

  2. Janel says:

    I love ice-skating. We have not been in so long!

  3. april says:

    I haven’t ice skated in years, but my kids are begging to go! I love any kind of exercise that is FUN!

    • Carrie says:

      Well it most certainly is fun and great exercise! If you don’t work your thighs and glutes very often you’ll have a nice bit of soreness after. But it’s a good thing!

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