What I Learned This Week

To be quick on the draw.

I let the opportunity of a lifetime slip through my fingers yesterday and I’m pretty down about it. And I only missed it because I had to think about it. I should have just done it, it really couldn’t have gone wrong. Curious about what I let slip by? Huh, huh?

Figure skating. Yep. I had the chance to buy a ticket to one of the men’s events for the Olympic games and I dawdled too long and the tickets were sold out in a few minutes time. *pulls hair out* So in the grand scheme of things, this is not that big of a deal. But I was definitely hoping to go to one of the events. This is probably my only chance to A) Go to the Olympics and B) See my favorite figure skaters compete for the last time in the Olympics. I’m still kicking myself.

But I still have a tiny chance. If I can somehow get a ticket cheap enough from somebody (highly unlikely) or I could find a ticket to one of the practice sessions. Not really the same at all, but I’ll take it. At the very least, my husband and I are going to drive up to Vancouver and spend the day wandering around, seeing the people and Olympic sites. Even that excites me.

Even though I let my dream of attending the men’s free skate get away, it will still be a great time to wander around with my husband.

Ever let a great opportunity pass you by? Was it for the better or are you still regretful?

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7 thoughts on “What I Learned This Week

  1. Felicia says:

    Hope you can find some tickets. I did the same thing this year with the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

  2. Olympics will be in London in 2012 – wondering if we should try to get tickets to see some of it when the time comes! We probably should, and probably won’t!!!

  3. Dang. Double dang. I’m a fan of figure skating, too!!! Maybe you’ll run into Apolo when you’re wondering around. =)

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