The Best Dog Breeds

I’m a dog person. Cats are cute, but honestly, they’re so ungrateful. Dogs just lap it all up, pun intended.

Why dogs are better than cats:

1. Dogs are on Santa’s Nice List. Cats are on his Naughty List.

2. You can walk a dog. You can run with a dog. You can play fetch with a dog!

3. Dogs obey commands, on the whole, cats do not.

4. Dogs listen, cats turn up their tail at you.

5. Dogs will protect you, they understand if you’re drowning and will rescue you. Dogs will wake up and bark if the house is on fire or a burglar is inside. Cats will slip out the back door.

And of course, when I say “dog” I mean not that yappy little thing the size of a mouse that you think is  a dog. Let me tell you a secret, wait, no. You’ll figure it out soon enough.  🙂  Not to offend those that have such creatures, they just aren’t what I consider a dog. Be warned, my favorite dogs are mostly bear-like. Picture a short little woman walking a giant black bear down the street. That’s me.

My Favorite Dogs

1. Newfoundlands

My favorite childhood pet was Lolly, the Newfie-Lab mix. Shaggy like a Newf, but not so big and slobbery. I just love the Newfoundland temperament. They are gentle giants.

Photo by juhansonin.

Photo by Oleg1975.

“I has a stick!”

Photo by gardner newf.

Pros: They’ll snuggle with you, keep you safe, babysit your children (especially well known for being kind to children), swim (they have webbed feet!), easy to train, used as search and rescue dogs, fiercely loyal, very strong, patient, intelligent (contrary to the photo above they don’t really fetch, I think they see at as below them) and benevolent.

Cons: They slobber an awful lot and require a thorough brushing once a week because of how much fur they have. Purebreds also have a high tendency to have hip problems and defective heart valves (SAS) that can cause death at an early age. Getting a dog that is only part Newf is recommended to avoid these cons. That goes for most purebreds.

2. Bernese Mountain Dogs

Also referred to as Berners. These are also gentle giants like Newfs, and similar in temperament. We had a Berner named Zeki who was a purebred and he was an absolutely precious puppy. They make the cutest puppies, and look a little like boxes on legs. And they never seem to develop ankles…

Pros: Cheerful, love children, intelligent, natural watchdogs, socialize well, strong (they’ll pull carts if you train them), and good with other pets–including cats.

Cons: Slow to mature (they act like a puppy longer than other breeds), heavy shedder, and predisposed to certain diseases like most purebreds (we lost ours to lymphoma), insecure (they really do need a ton of positive encouragement)

3. Weimaraner

This is a relatively new addition to my list. A coworker has one of these and they are just beautiful dogs, especially the color. It’s very unique.

Photo by mockstar.

Pros: Good hunting dogs, pointer, water and land retriever, used as police dogs in some European countries, kind, fiercely loyal, highly energetic, unique coloring

Cons: Not recommended to be alone with children as it’s high energy could be unsafe, prone to bloat and hip dysplasia.

4. Boxer

My husband will be happy to see this little bugger on the list. Boxers are perpetual puppies. They are athletic, good family dogs, and have the biggest brown eyes that no one can resist.

Who could resist a boxer pup?

Photo by AJU Photography.

Pros: Family dogs, easily trained, active, intelligent, snuggly, watch dogs, loyal

Cons: Need a lot of stimulation and attention in puppyhood, easily bored, prone to flatulence (the Dog Whisperer said it, not me), good jumpers and escape artists, not very calm until at least 3 years old

Other favorites include every mountain dog, like St. Bernard or Great Pyrenees. They’re so loyal, protective, strong, and they can babysit your children for free. They can’t quite manage changing the diaper, lack of opposable thumbs and all, but they’re so darned gentle. I’m sure they would try their heart’s best if you attempted to train them to do such tricks.

Top photo by Bah Humbug.


4 thoughts on “The Best Dog Breeds

  1. Lamb says:

    No Jack Russells?
    No MUTTS?!

    Dogs aren’t always on the nice list. I was walking Biscuit yesterday and this woman walking by stopped to lecture me on my “poor dog”, who I was forcing to walk even though she clearly had a thorn in her paw. The thorn had been there for like 1/2 a second!

    Biscuit is such a baby. When she gets a thorn in her paw, (which is fairly frequently, as she has the chihuahua mentality that states she must dive into the bushes to mark her territory every few feet) she pulls it out with her teeth, but continues to hobble on 3 legs until I pick up her foot and rub it. For a shelter dog, she sure is a diva!

    Wondering who I am? Read my post: Who Are These People?!

    • Carrie says:

      Actually I mentioned that my favorite dog I ever had was a mutt (black lab and newfie), and I recommend mutts as they tend to be more disease and ailment-free. 🙂

      And of course there are misbehaved dogs, but I’m an avid viewer of the Dog Whisperer and I full-heartedly believe that a dog is only as good as its owner. So many owners don’t know how to handle their dogs. It’s a really interesting show, you should watch it. It’s really enlightening to see what dogs respond to.

  2. Hei, these dogs are humorous! You should give it a look! Please click here: Hilarious Dogs

  3. I adore puppies. I just got a single a week ago and it has not been trained yet and has bitten me a handful of times but its nothing to worry about, i can train it effectively. I hope 🙂

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