How to Make it Stop

I wish I knew. I’ve been incredibly loose with posting in the last month due to numerous big events:

  • Moving (for the 4th time in a 1.5 years)
  • Applying for grad school
  • Studying and taking the GRE for said grad school application
  • New job/first full-time job
  • Getting ready to basically cater my grandpa’s 90th birthday party
  • Designing and preparing to make 150 wedding invitations and 50 bachelorette party invitations for my friend’s wedding

And of course next weekend is my grandpa’s birthday party, Easter, and when the husband and I are moving. Egads.

On top of it all my poor neglected seedlings are beginning to take over their tiny pots and desperately need transplanted. But when will I have time to go to Fred Meyer’s and get more potting soil? The cherry on the sundae is that I don’t have a driver’s license (I just haven’t needed it…till now). It makes life very difficult to always be planning around the buses or the husband’s schedule to chauffeur me. Not that I don’t greatly appreciate him being my taxi to the store. 🙂

Anyway, regularly scheduled programming will resume mid to late April. In the meantime, please return to folding your laundry. Which I also need to do.

P.S. Did I mention our new apartment has a Swedish washer that is also a dryer? The landlord says it doesn’t work well, so she’s getting a new dryer. I still thing it’s awesome.

P.P.S. I’m planning on sharing my perfectly organized new apartment with you and the awesome pieces of furniture found on Craigslist.


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