I Speak Arabic and Russian

…is what I will say within the next 5 years. With some luck. And a patient husband.

The night I met my husband, I was but a freshman in college. In fact I met him on the third day after I moved to Seattle before classes even started. And he was a senior. Can you say awe-struck 18 year old? Then the punches started.

And by punches I mean the impressive things he told me. On retrospect they weren’t as big and grand as I thought then, but remember I just moved for the first time in my life and hadn’t even attended my first day of college. I was little.

He hit me with, “I just got back from living in Israel for a year” to “I was in a 60 mph car crash with a drunk”. Then came “I speak ancient Greek and Hebrew, oh yeah and Arabic. Toss in some Chinese for good measure. And I have a twin.”

So that’s super paraphrased, since that is not at all how he said it. He said it in the most nonchalant, humble way. Be still my then 18 year old heart.

To make a long and winding story short, he has inspired me to learn Arabic. It’d be nice to join in the conversations he has with his Arabic-speaking friends. By the way, my husband is the least Arabic-looking person ever. He’s as Aryan as they come.

I hope to speak Russian some day as well, mostly to fuel my love for figure skating. Hebrew wouldn’t be half bad either, I can already say “I love you”! *applaud my meager language skills*

So if any of you happen to speak Arabic or Russian out there, ring me up. I’ll be the one puzzling over how to read from right to left. And upside down and backwards.

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2 thoughts on “I Speak Arabic and Russian

  1. Emily says:

    cute post….my boyfriend speaks Hebrew and understand a lot/speaks a little Arabic. I’m going to Israel this summer for a month and am trying to get some phrases down by watching israeli movies….

    • Carrie says:

      Oh I envy you! I would love to go to Israel, my husband and I have talked about going to stay on one of the kibbutzim for a couple of months. I pick up a few phrases here and there, I find listening to Israeli music helps.

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