Top 10 Foods That Are Always in My Kitchen

Everyone has that list. These aren’t items like bread milk, these are the items and specific brands you must always have. The ones you will walk across the store for even though you were next in the check-out line. A week doesn’t pass by without these items.

Know what I mean?

1. Whole Foods 365 Coarse Sea Salt

You know, the one in the really big red and blue container? And it’s cheap. It goes on everything I have. I don’t even used refined salt if I can help it. I love big grains of salt on chocolate chip cookies, air-popped popcorn, you name it. The sad part is that I’m out of it right now (have been for a week) and I only live about a mile from a Whole Foods.

2. Tillamook Cheddar Cheese

Tillamook Cheddar Cheese

Photo by dklimke

I don’t know about the rest y’all, but Tillamook (or Bandon, since it’s the same company now) is the only cheddar cheese I’ll buy. Except for super fancy stuff, but that doesn’t really happen. So my daily cheese is Tillamook. Everything else tastes off. You know how some brands of milk taste wrong? Same thing. I wonder what they’re feeding those cows.

3. Fish Sauce

Fish Sauce

Photo by Andrew Huff

Oh yeah. The smelly stuff. It’s that aroma that makes you crinkle your nose when you reach that aisle of Uwajimaya’s (or your Asian market of choice). I use it in almost all Asian dishes, primarily pad thai as it’s the husband’s favorite food in the world. Breakfast (no kidding), lunch, and dinner.

*Squid is my primary brand of choice.

4. Butter

Not margarine. Not “olive oil butter”. Just straight up butter. Not that I don’t have 10 different kinds of oils in the cabinet next to the stove.

5. Kale

Kale chips. ‘Nuff said.

6. Fresh Ground Peanut Butter

You know the machines at Fred Meyers that you can get fresh peanut butter and almond butter from? My favorite part of my grocery trip. Then going home and digging in while it’s still warm. My tastebuds thank me every time.

7. Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk

Photo by smashz

Mix it with rice. Use it in curries, smoothies, and soups. In can do no wrong.

8. Goat Cheese

Truth be told I can’t afford to always have it around, but when I do I put it on pizzas, puff pastry, salads, and anything else I can find an excuse to use it on/in/under/around.

9. Fresh and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Photo by enigmachck1

I definitely always have fresh tomatoes, mostly for salads and sandwiches. Sometimes on pizza or in stir fries. The sun-dried tomatoes are reserved for stir-fries, pasta, and pizzas. If you haven’t tried it in a stir fry, go and do. Make a brown butter sage sauce, then mix it in a fry pan with chicken. Add chopped sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, and bell peppers. Top it off with goat cheese. 🙂

10. Chocolate

Specifically dark. For all matter of uses and pleasure. Primarily to satisfy me until dinner is ready.

Honorable mention: $3 buck chuck from Trader Joe’s, good for both cooking and drinking on a budget. Good ol’ Charles Shaw.

Charles Shaw

Photo by @joefoodie

I am one of those people who would love to look through everyone’s cupboards. Please link up your own posts about what’s in your kitchen, past or present! Or just share in the comments. 🙂

This link-up will be up for a long time. I would like to collect these. I find that I get the greatest recommendations this way for products.

*Header image by Ex-Smith

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Foods That Are Always in My Kitchen

  1. Marina says:

    I also only buy butter. Plain pure butter.
    I want to try Tillamook Cheddar Cheese! Do they have it in Whole Foods?

    • Carrie says:

      I’ve never looked for it at Whole Foods, but they have it at every grocery store in my area since it’s the most prevalent cheese brand in the NW.

  2. Mi-An Dela Cruz says:

    Found your website through The Fitnessista! Love it.
    and I love the fact that you use fish sauce! It’s a mainstay in asian dishes, I’m filipino so I use it a lot. I also love soy sauce but since it has so much sodium, I’ve opted for Bragg’s Aminos…soo yummy and much healthier!

  3. Well I don’t have a kitchen yet, but here is my mother’s list (and was mine for 18 years)

    1. Peanut Butter (Adams Crunchy) – she will die without it
    2. Ice Cream (vehicle for the peanut butter)
    3. Coconut Oil – for seasoning cast iron pans but also general cooking
    4. Frozen Berries and Frozen Fruit Medley from Costco (my mom makes smoothies for breakfast every single morning and we will have to make special runs to costco just for this if she runs out)
    5. Sharp Cheddar Cheese – usually Tillamook, the black label kind
    6. Nancy’s Honey Whole Milk Yogurt
    7. Organic Chicken thighs – Can’t remember the brand they have at Costco, but my mom turns to these every time she can’t think of something to make for dinner
    8. Avocados – Mom eats one everyday for lunch, no joke
    9. Eggs – we get them from friends with chickens, but mom eats them hard-boiled almost every day
    10. Dark Chocolate – usually Lindt 85% or sometimes when she wants to splurge she will get some good organic chocolate from the Co-Op

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