With a Name Like Stars on Ice, it has to be Good

(I apologize for the broken photos, looks like they were dropped from the site.)

I spent my Saturday night with the lovely Charyn at Key Arena to see Stars on Ice. Ah yeah, my Saturday nights are wiiiiiild.

If you haven’t picked up on it, I really adore figure skating. Really, really. Particularly men’s, and not just because they’re handsome. I just enjoy their athleticism more, they reach greater heights and rotations in their jumps. Though the women are more flexible and have such beautiful programs. Not to say that the men can’t be equally as flexible either. If you really want to know about my addiction, go here and here (especially this one).

So back to my Saturday night. Charyn had us put on the guest list through her connections with one of the skater’s mothers. I’ll tell you which one a little later. 😉

I was going to give a full recap, but honestly I think pictures are better. Though none of them are my own, point-and-shoots just don’t get the job done on the ice.

The night was filled with eye-patched men.

Beautiful angels gliding across the ice.

Passionate performances.

A bedazzled glove, Michael Jackson style. Or Johnny Weir style, whichever you prefer.

Incredible flexibility and balance. And costumes, Sasha’s costume here is just beautiful.

Amazing skill. Let’s just say I can’t do that.

Too old Eldridge did a program to Cheap Trick’s I Want You to Want Me. Let’s just say Plushenko’s Fashion on Ice rendition to the song was better. Not that I don’t like Eldridge, just not that program.


The worm on ice.

Total sass. And yes that’s a hair extension, all the women had a long ponytail for the number with the eye-patched men.

How could I forget backflips? Michael Weiss was a total whiz with them.

A chorus line.

A pretty fantastic night all around.

Charyn and I also went to the meet-and-greet post-show, though only 4, maybe 5 skaters actually came. Champions on Ice did it much better, you actually got to meet each one.

Anyway, we saw Agosto, Alissa, Yuka, and Jeremy from my memory. Charyn is friends with Abbott and his mother from way back when so we chatted with him most of the time. He’s a real sweetheart if you’re wondering.

Thanks Charyn for inviting me! It was a fabulous time.

Oh and did I mention the Smucker’s swag?


All photos (except the one of the Smucker’s swag) are not my own and were found on the Stars on Ice website.

Disclaimer: I received the Smucker’s items for free at the event, but this in no way had anything to do with this post.

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2 thoughts on “With a Name Like Stars on Ice, it has to be Good

  1. Ronnica says:

    I’ve never seen figure skating in person, but I think it’d be fun.

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