Fingerling Potatoes and Poached Duck Egg

I’ve always liked my yolks runny and sunny side up. Only slightly thickened, just shy of a custard-like consistency.

Photo by Sifu Renka

Recently I discovered poaching. All my life I either scrambled or fried them, sometimes over easy. Often we made quiches, growing up, to use all of the muddled egg we had from draining them for my mom’s beautiful Pysanky art.

I always knew what poaching was, I had just never attempted it. Sometimes we all like to stick to what we know works. But the other night I decided try it, so I went with a simple dish in which to nest my first poached eggs.

Duck vs. Chicken

I chopped a pound or so of fingerling potatoes into halves and cubes and sliced some carrots for more color and variety. I browned a couple tablespoons of butter in a heavy pan and tossed in the potatoes to fry up for a bit, followed by the carrots.

Photos by ccharmon, sassyradish, and Robert S. Donovan.

While that was cooking, I boiled the water to poach the eggs. I was following meticulous instructions, I so desired for this not to fail. I poured in a little rice vinegar (it’s the only clear vinegar I had) to prevent sticking, and I carefully slid my first duck egg into middle of the pan. I hit the timer for 2 minutes.

Photo by

I carefully took my slotted spoon (a slotted spoon doesn’t hold much soup, but it sure holds a poached egg!) and lifted my first specimen out of the pan and into a little prep dish. I proceeded to repeat the process once more. By this time my potatoes and carrots browning along the edges with a little crispiness. I sprinkled it with sea salt, pepper, and a swizzle of honey and let it crisp just a little bit more.

I dished it up in bowls and plunked the poached egg on top. I nervously broke open my egg and it’s yolk spilled forth perfectly. It’s a rich dish to be sure, but that first bite was absolutely heavenly. It’s a 4 ingredient dish and it took all of 20 minutes. Sold to the girl destined to have high cholesterol!

*I’m thinking that some spinach would be a nice addition to this dish, especially for color. I usually add chicken to incorporate more protein, but it usually makes it too heavy for me.


2 thoughts on “Fingerling Potatoes and Poached Duck Egg

  1. Stevie says:

    This looks fabulous. I don’t poach eggs very much either, but I always love them when I order eggs benedict at brunch. And you’re right, spinach would definitely be a nice addition. Yum!

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