A Little Getaway to the San Juan Islands

It’s nearly July and Seattle has had one day where it was over 75 degrees. One.

So my man and I decided to roll with it and go somewhere that is always a little chilly so our expectations would not be let down—the San Juan Islands.

The irony is that it turned out to be quite sunny and warm (high 60s). I even got a sunburn, first of the season. Hush now, I was expecting clouds and showers. And the sunblock was buried in my backpack somewhere that I did not desire to seek out.

The Juans were gorgeous, as always. They’re breathtaking rain or shine, clouds or not.

Caleb shot this photo right before we left the ferry back in Anacortes.

And they are home to all manner of fluffy, cute, frolicking creatures–which I am very sorry I didn’t catch any pictures of. We had numerous deer sleep in the field next to our tent and in the morning we drank coffee watching the sheep and the bunnies play.

We left early in the morning on a Saturday, driving up to Anacortes and grabbing some Old Rasputin stout on the way (for camping, not for driving).

I am going to build a castle on this island and live there forever.

We parked in the lot way up on the hill, pieced our bikes back together since we had to remove the front wheels to fit both bikes in our little car (a task easier said than done). And sped down the hill and onto the ferry.

Our little trip started on Lopez Island. Where we discovered that Caleb’s bike tire was flat. And town was 5 miles from the ferry terminal. Uh-huh. I see.

The Husband without, and with, enough coffee at the Lopez terminal.

So we began our trek in the heat into town, trying to catch a ride. It’s amazing how many trucks with empty beds sped by. Finally an old van with a bumper sticker on the back reading I love my Eagle Scouts pulled over to the side. Ah! Someone with the scout’s honor! And indeed it was an Eagle Scout to our rescue. He took my husband and his bike into town and I just rode the rest of the way in on my bike.


The secret writing on the wall, is there more?

The secret writing is here because the CSS is being weird. In the mean time, congratulate yourself.

Caleb and I stayed the night after riding our rears off all over the island at the Lopez Farm Cottages and Campground. We opted for the Camp Nest, a carpeted tent with a futon and comforter already set up for you. And no, we’re not lazy. We just didn’t want to haul in the camping supplies for our one nighter on bicycles.

The campground was empty, it was all ours. Just to share with the gentle creatures of the forest. It’s a very peaceful camp, I highly recommend it. The perfect change of pace from the city. Not that Seattle is all that wild, but it is compared to a meadow full of bunnies.

The rest of the weekend was spent on our bikes visiting Spencer Spit, walking on the beach, beckoning the bleating sheep, delighting on espresso over homemade ice cream, and whale watching.

P.S. No photos of me because all of them turned out awful. Somehow the husband looks good even after a day of bike riding in the wind.

Places we ate at:
Bucky’s on Lopez (average but good burger, excellent fries)
Isabel’s Espresso on Lopez (we had the ice cream with espresso, highly recommended)
The Crab House in Friday Harbor (really fresh seafood, naturally, but sorry we spent the money as it wasn’t very good despite the freshness)
The Hungry Clam in Friday Harbor (read my review here)
The Doctor’s Office in Friday Harbor (just got coffee, it was alright)

Verdict: The only repeatables were the fries at Bucky’s, the espresso float at Isabel’s, and the burger at The Hungry Clam.


2 thoughts on “A Little Getaway to the San Juan Islands

  1. Stevie says:

    I looooooove the San Juans. In fact, I’ll be up on Orcas next Wednesday through Sunday with my family! We’re renting a big house up there for the week. We’ve rented it before and it’s soooo nice. We’re just going to relax, do lots of cooking and wine drinking, kayaking, biking, hiking, and who knows what else? I love it up there so much. I want to retire up there.

    My boyfriend’s family is from Anacortes, so we spend a lot of time there, too. Such a wonderful little town. Glad you had a great trip!

    • Carrie says:

      I wanted to go to Orcas but it just wasn’t in the cards. If you can, go to Allium. It’s supposed to be fantastic food. I only visit the San Juans on the weekends, wish I could go for a week. Have a good time!

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