Smells Like School Spirit

It started out as a crookneck squash and a pound of Russian blue fingerlings, my inspiration for a school spirit-themed dinner. Sort of.

The crookneck squash was a little old having sat two days too many in the crisper drawer, but it was as “gold” as I was going to get. The Russian blue potatoes were much more purple on the inside than blue. They’re not even close to blue. Therefore they are Russian purple potatoes. Glad to have that cleared up.

I sliced and diced the potatoes and squash for a stir fry in some cheap truffle oil. By the way, save your pennies on truffle oil, most don’t even contain real truffle aroma. A friend who is acquainted with one of the largest truffle oil importers said that a ridiculously large amount of truffle oils are derived from a chemically created essence of truffle. Even many of the very expensive oils have the same chemicals in them as the cheaper ones. So unless you can afford the really, really authentic oils–don’t shell out the dough. Which even the expensive oils are basically just olive oil infused with truffles.

Back to dinner.

I fried them up till they were just getting a little crispy, then I tossed the squash in and put a lid on the pan for a steamy effect for a few minutes. I sprinkled a little coarse sea salt and pepper and served it as a side to some salad. Or maybe the salad was the side.

I topped the salad with some thin strips of beef for protein. I fried the beef after I removed the potatoes and squash from the pan. I forgot to marinate the beef, so I just seasoned it with some oyster sauce, soy sauce, and a few shakes of steak seasoning  I pulled from the depths of my spice shelf. Dressed the salad with little balsamic. And we enjoyed it with a bottle of vino. Which by the way was on sale for 70% off $10 at Fred Meyer, and it was pretty decent too.

The whole dinner took no more than twenty minutes and it was very satisfying. Great for this summer heat. Which by the way is really hot. It was 91 degrees at 5pm. That’s hot for Seattle if you didn’t know that. Especially when two weeks ago we were wearing coats and our comforters were still on the beds. I’m not complaining, it just takes a couple of weeks for the shock of summer to wear off.

P.S. Wondering where the school spirit was? The purple potatoes and the “gold” squash reminded me of the University of Washington. I felt  like I had a teensy bit of school spirit, and this alumna never had school spirit. Though I did really enjoy UW. I always liked that purple was one of the school colors.


5 thoughts on “Smells Like School Spirit

  1. Helen says:

    I love the effects on the photos! And thanks for the heads up on truffle oil– good to know 🙂

    • Carrie says:

      Thanks Helen! I love the photo effect, I’m a little obsessed with playing with photo effects right now. Which means I’m overusing them, but that’s ok in my book!

  2. What beautiful photos! I love coming over here to “drool” over your passion and food 😉

    Purple potatoes just taste better, don’t they?!


  3. E says:

    Sounds like a perfect hot weather dinner. Yum! And I love the pictures. Photo effects are the best.

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