The Citysearch Dictators

They rule fiercely, are hard to please, and have thick dictatorly ‘staches.

Exhibit A:

We flock to restaurants and cupcake shops, tasting their wares and reviewing them without mercy! The peasants read our verdicts and cower before our decisions. The lucky establishments that pass our tests are revered in the kingdom and highly patroned!

So really the Citysearch Dictators are a group (you can join, at least in Seattle!) of people that review businesses on Citysearch. The editor, Chelsea, gives us monthly “assignments” that we can partake in and have the chance to win prizes! Assignments vary from writing a list of restaurants with patios to a review of our favorite restaurant that has Sunday Suppers. Sometimes you can win by having the best, or other times you can win by entering first or just winning in a random selection. I won a $25 gift card to Agua Verde recently to be one of the first 5 to submit the assignment.

We also have monthly gatherings, with a raffle and often free food or cupcakes! The last one I went to was at Cupcake Royale.

At this gathering we happened to get to decorate our own cupcakes and sample some local wine. We were given some great swag, a box with a Cupcake Royale travel cup, a coupon for a free cupcake, a bag of Shepherd’s Grain Flour, and some other neat goodies too.

Here’s a picture of the Sprinkle Bar where we decoratee our cupcakes. We got to choose the frosting! And we got to sample three different kinds of babycakes, oh were they good. I love Cupcake Royale.

In the raffle I won a Sprinkle Party! Me and a few of my friends (6 or so) get to come in and decorate our own cupcakes. Not sure when to use it, but sounds like a cute idea for some get together.

At the first Dictator gathering at Post I won a jar of Bacon Jam from Skillet. Which I shall have you know is very, very, awesome.

It’s a great group, and it helps you to get to know the city better. Quite a few of them are also very active foodies on Twitter, the gatherings are always a hoot with this group. We’d love more dictators, so join and get your ‘stache on!

*I found the photos on the Dictator Facebook Group Page, so kudos to whoever took them!


4 thoughts on “The Citysearch Dictators

  1. Yellow House says:

    Oh my goodness! I wish I could have been there for that cupcake event! That looks amazing! What are your favorite Seattle cupcake shops?

  2. i love how you put dictators, “bacon jam,” and “very, very awesome” in the same sentence. actually, i can’t think of it any other way 🙂 glad you are feeling the sweet citysearch love! sprinkles from citysearch boston – christine

  3. Sana says:

    Awh, that sound neat, yummy and FATTENING =D =P lol i love foood, im a sweet-tooth, but id rather control as in halfway to fat =[
    xx Sana,
    thankz for dropping by my blog. keep visiting =)

  4. Ummm YUM! Cupcakes and I are in love. I am in the middle of mastering the b best vegan & gluten free one I can make! I love them so much.

    Yours looks very tasty 😉


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