I Wish I Could Wear This

Found on Etsy in CalicoVintage’s shop.

But I’m pretty sure I’d have to be a real hippie and 7 feet tall. Or a a hippie Southern belle. If I wore this now I would look like a 7 year old girl playing dress up with her mom’s old clothes from the 70s.

This is pretty too.

Found on Etsy in thedabara’s shop.

It’s a little too much like a slip though. If the top edges weren’t scalloped I think it would look more like a real dress.

I really like this bag. Yes it’s made of walrus hide, which is unique in and of itself. If you know me then you know that I really like walruses. You would think that I would be appalled at carrying around such an atrocity, but no. The bag is made, what’s done is done. And I’m pretty sure there is no production line or black market for walrus hide bags so I don’t think that walrus’ will be in danger. I could be wrong though.

Found on Etsy in TopsyDesign’s shop.

Speaking of walruses, this wood sign caught my eye as well. Reminds me of reading Through the Looking Glass when I was young.

Found on Etsy in CountryWorkshop’s store.


3 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Wear This

  1. Hahaha! I love this first dress and dressing up!!

    I have never seen real walrus hide. Does it feel like leather?


  2. E says:

    I love the sign. So fun!

  3. Gooseberried says:

    I totally know what you mean about having to be a tall hippie to wear things like that. I’m really short (5’1″) and when I wear cute, flirty, floraly things like that, people think I’m a little girl. Even little kids think it too!

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