Squash Troubleshooting

My patty pan squash plant is rebelling. I knew it would, it grew up so fast and started producing before it was ready. Poor squash.

I have two patty pan squash plants on my balcony. One is smaller but sort of producing. I say sort of because it does have squash on it, but none of them are turning from green to yellow and they come off looking like this inside.


They’re not even shaped like pretty patty pans should be. I thought I might be over watering, so I stopped for a few days. Didn’t seem to have an effect. On the underside of the leaves appear to be teeny tiny little black bugs, though they don’t seem to be eating holes in the leaves. I sprayed them with some organic bug spray, but nada happened. Nada. Hmmmm.

The other squash plant that isn’t as sickly as the rebellious one has a little patty pan growing on it finally, and it actually looks patty pan shaped! Here’s hoping that it keeps growing. I’ll baby that thing to death. These squash plants have to earn their keep, they’re taking up a good portion of my precious balcony space.

In other garden news, my lettuce was attacked by this:

I call him Spot.

He’s about an 1/8th of an inch long and reproduces more than bunnies. He is now deceased, but his children keep living on. They have all but killed my lettuce, though it’s sadly well on its way. If anyone has any tips to get rid of Spot’s offspring, be my guest.

I have already tried soapy water, Safer organic bug spray, and manually removing them. No luck. They live on.

Back to the trenches!

P.S. 2 of 3 tomatoes plants have little green tomatoes on them. Hurray!


2 thoughts on “Squash Troubleshooting

  1. Awww I am sorry to hear about the fail 😦 But this is great news about the tomatoes!! I can’t wait to start a garden! Nothing beats fresh out of the yard produce!

    Love spot 😉


  2. I’ve never even heard of this kind of squash (only yellow or crook-necked and butternut); so I wouldn’t know what they’re supposed to look like :). Hopefully everything else will turn out like they’re supposed to.

    Barring any more of those little greenevil bugs!


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