Matrushka Measuring Cups

I love these measuring cups. Really, really.

And these Babushka cups. I would so want these if I were a little girl:

They remind me of my little nesting dolls that I’m sure are still somewhere at my parent’s house. One of my good friends when I was in kindergarten was a girl that had recently moved from Russia. Actually it wasn’t Russia, but it was somewhere Russian-controlled at the time. I think. My memory fails me. Ukraine? Anyway, I like nesting dolls.


3 thoughts on “Matrushka Measuring Cups

  1. pks says:

    Oh my. I am having a moment about those measuring cups. I might be in love.

  2. Kristen says:

    ahh, these are great! I may have to invest in a set!

  3. […] other, other news, I gave those Matrushka measuring cups to my future sister-in-law at her wedding shower. If you knew her, you would know that they were […]

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