People are Filming Me

I work in a very picturesque square. It’s all brick and old buildings with pretty trees and art galleries. There are often photo shoots there, even a Honda commercial a few weeks ago. But this morning when I was approaching work I noticed a group of people with a big movie camera. Pretty normal, nothing odd.

Then a coworker and I decided to go get coffee a few minutes later. We were walking out our door and the camera was pointed straight at our office door.

Awkward much?

So we fetched the necessary caffeines and were approaching our door again. The camera was still pointed at our door. Well we couldn’t very well wait for them to do whatever they were doing. It could take hours. And we have jobs to get to. This is why you shouldn’t film an office at 9am when everyone is arriving at work. Even one hour earlier would have resulted in much fewer interruptions, if any. Unless you wanted to film all the people. But they really didn’t seem like that’s what they were looking for.

Once we got inside, there were two people standing there. I think they were part of the filming squad. Not sure. But the whole thing was odd. We just walked past them and up the stairs to our office.

And life goes on.


5 thoughts on “People are Filming Me

  1. whoa crazy! i wonder if you’re going to be on TV or (better yet!) in a movie?! so fun!

  2. pks says:

    There is some movie filming in town. Maybe you are secretly going to be famous???

  3. chelsea says:

    wow that i so beautiful. i would love to work there!


  4. Justin Dupre says:

    You should look into it and find out what movie or tv show it is!

  5. E says:

    Either that’s crazy cool (due to a real movie being shot there) or it’s just plain creepy.

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