I Bought 5000 Ladybugs

A few weeks ago I went to City Peoples with a coworker post-workday. We both had a little problem. And it looked a lot like this:

His name was Spot. But he’s been replaced. By 5000 ladybugs, each one more aptly named Spot than Spot was. Reminiscent of Too Many Daves by Dr. Seuss, if you will.

I bought my 5000 Spots for somewhere around the ring of $7 I believe, though truthfully I don’t remember. Definitely not more than that.

Most of them were hiding behind the cardboard label or in that nest in the middle.

Carrying this was not easy, you can see their little legs poking out of the bag.

I took my little guys home, and prepared them a lounge amongst my plants in case my aphids were not to their tastes. Their home was a paper towel soaked in sugar water, every ladybug’s favorite. I released them at dusk per the instructions, shaking them out on my plants like seeds.

In the end, I didn’t really notice a difference. And my little bugs only stayed around for a few days. You’re welcome neighborhood for bringing a ladybug colony to our block. It certainly was entertaining while it lasted!

More pictures are viewable HERE. They are photos taken by my coworker of her ladybug release, she has quite a few more photos than I do. Mine came out too blurry.

By the way, all three of my tomato plants have tomatoes! Though none are ripe yet. The Totems are doing the best by far, and the plant is the most compact. So far I highly recommend it as a container tomato.


3 thoughts on “I Bought 5000 Ladybugs

  1. hey, at least it was only $7, right? and made for some really fun pictures 🙂

  2. Stevie says:

    I love ladybugs. They’re just so cute AND they’re useful in the garden! (Though it sounds like they weren’t too useful in yours…) Love the pictures!

    Glad you have tomatoes! I’m having some issues with my zucchini this year. I was really hoping to have some by now, but so far nothin’.

  3. […] Obviously white flies. Which is why I did this. […]

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