Vinocaching, it’s just like geocaching, except you are searching for a bottle of wine at each location.

The Husband tasting wine. The bandanna was our team color.

A couple of months ago I went to a fundraiser in Yakima Valley for the HeartLinks Kids fundraiser. It was bascially a scavenger hunt for grownups. My husband and I were a team with his parents. The goal was to use GPS devices to locate, by longitude and latitude, medallions with symbols on them that we had to decode.

We would then call in to the base and they would give us our next coordinates. Each location was either a winery or a local point of interest. At each winery we had to perform a simple task, like applying wine labels or washing the windows, in exchange for a wine tasting and a bottle of wine.

One of my favorite wines of the night, it was actually port. But there are laws about what you can call port*.

I believe we made it to around 6 of the 10 wineries in the time frame. We then donated several of the bottles to the auction that would be held at the post race dinner. Here’s a site that has a description of the event.

One of the winery tasting rooms.

It was all a very good time. And the dinner was amazing, the freshest of asparagus is what I remember most clearly. The asparagus was grown locally, and they fried it up in a wok made from tractor parts. It’s amazing as it sounds. And there were buckets and buckets of the veg.

Many dollars were donated, much food was enjoyed, and numerous bottles of wine finished off in mason jar glasses. And of course dinner was located on Merlot Drive.

The wineries were all beautiful and expansive. This one in particular had an awe-inspiring view, I believe this was the DavenLore winery. I suggest you visit them if you ever go to Prosser, WA. Despite its podunk feel, there’s a lovely wine country. You should come to the VinoCache if you’re in the area next year. It’s a very unique idea for a fundraiser and it’s one that’s sure to please. Good food + excellent drink + good cause = grand time all around. Join us next time why don’t you?

My favorite wineries were:

DavenLore (the one with the view)

Coyote Canyon

Thurston Wolfe (especially their Sweet Rebecca dessert wine)

A Guide to Prosser Wine Country


2 thoughts on “VinoCaching

  1. I have never heard of vino coaching, what a cool idea! It sounds like you guys had an amazing time πŸ™‚

  2. Kate says:

    Wow, that sounds like so much fun! I can’t wait until next year when I’m 21 and I can do fun grown-up things like this, haha πŸ˜‰

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