Scenes from a Fantasy, Part II

More bounty from my mother’s garden.

If you go to the Puyallup Fair this year and see the Horticulture entries, you’re bound to see her entries in produce. She also has entries in the Floral building. I remember many a morn of waking up earlier than the sun to go enter all the flowers before school. From kindergarten on up through the big games, I was there. Every year. Entering flowers in the fair. Which, by the way, earns a fair amount of cash.

Fun fact: Every year for as long as I can remember, except for the last couple, I have entered flower arrangements in the fair. Yes, I am a champion flower arranger. At the Puyallup Fair.

With these flowers.

Fun Fact #2: I had a guinea pig named Zinnia. It was my favorite flower at that age. True story.

Love this pom pom flower.

That right there friends, is the biggest raspberry in the world. No kidding, you could eat it in more than one bite. Without trying.


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