(Former) Opium Farmer Mugs

Found these at Classic Consignments in Ballard for $1 or $2 each.

Classy right? They were made by former opium farmers in Thailand. Or Laos. I can’t remember. But I like that they have a story. And each has slight variations.

And they were 50% because they had been in the store for 90 days. Or 180 days, something like that. Anyway, I now have a pair of tall mugs made by used-to-be opium farmers. And lattes look beautiful in them.


4 thoughts on “(Former) Opium Farmer Mugs

  1. Love this and your last few posts! The hobbit wedding was awesome.

    Hey, if it can hold a good latte and comes with a good story–I think they’re awesome.

  2. Kim Calvi says:

    What a great find and what a perfect latte mug, or hot beverage of any kind, for that matter!

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