Guess Who’s Autograph I Got?

I’ll give you a few hints.

1. German

2. Figure Skater

3. Peaked in the 90s

4. 1998 Nagano Olympics

5. Peggy Schwarz…

…Mirko Mueller!

I know you don’t know who he is. And I know you don’t care. But I was pretty happy when my coworker came back from a business trip and gave this to me.

I have to comment on his signature though, what is that? It looks a little too much like he was testing the pen. It’ll do.

It joins my collection of figure skater autographs, along side Evgeny Plushekno, Johnny Weir, Evan Lysacek, and Sasha Cohen. Just to name a few.

So that’s the story of the best coworker ever. And she brought blueberry crisp in that morning too. It was a good day.


One thought on “Guess Who’s Autograph I Got?

  1. Hi Carrie. Glad to hear you appreciated this.
    And yes, that signature is my signature signature and I have been told on occasion that a bear could simply drag his claws across a piece a paper and it wouldn’t look different.

    How long ago was this now? Seems like an eternity.

    All the best, Carrie.
    Mirko Mueller (-Goolsbey)

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