I Didn’t Get Pulled Over

This morning Caleb and I were driving to church, I was in the driver’s seat. We were about 75% of the way there on the freeway when a covert cop turned his lights on behind us. I was completely oblivious and focusing on not running into the car in front of me. Then the cop turned on his siren, that’s when I noticed him. And I froze.

Caleb told me that he might be pulling me over (*hyperventilates*). So I changed lanes (we were in the carpool lane with no shoulder), then the cop turned off his lights, pulled in front of us, and went on his merry cop way.


But something else transcribed in that minute. Caleb didn’t have his seatbelt on (glare), but he put it on as soon as he noticed the cop. Our guess is that he was just warning him to put on his seatbelt.

Later on (an hour or so) we saw that same cop car stop at an accident. Mostly irrelevant, but we did notice that when he got out of the car, another guy about the same age (but a civilian) got out of the passenger side. I think he was just being fancy for his friend. For shame.


2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Get Pulled Over

  1. Jas says:

    Where I live, cops will turn on their lights and sirens just to get you to move out of the way. Maybe they forgot just how much adrenaline those flashing blue lights can produce, because they sure do seem to employ them for the smallest little things.

  2. Kimmi says:

    haha! Oh man! I know that feeling of hyperventilation over a cop pulling you over! Eek! That’s same situation has totally happened to me before!

    But this reminded me of a story. One time it was dark outside and my friend and I were going to a movie, she was driving. We were on the freeway and we saw some cop lights go on behind us. So we pulled over and debated which side of the car he’d come to.

    I said he’d come to my side since it was the freeway, and she thought he might come to her side. Then after debating this, we realized it had been like 5 minutes and he hadn’t come to the car yet. So we turn around and look..

    There’s a car between us and the cop.

    Yeah. He wasn’t pulling us over after all.

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