The Only Time I Wish I Owned a TV

Every Autumn is the beginning of the season of my favorite sport.

The only Olympic sport with razor-sharp blades, sequins, and ice. And a very silly judging system.

The only time I wish I had a TV, waiting for the videos to be uploaded on YouTube gets a little old. There’s nothing like watching the live stream of a figure skating competition, or in-person for that matter. I think this season I may have to schedule going to the gym when there’s a competition on. I’ll just walk on the treadmill for hours while watching, I don’t care what they think. I’ll be that weird girl who hangs out at the gym and watches figure skating, it’s cool.

I could always just buy a subscription to the Ice Network broadcast online. But that’d be too easy.

Do you have a TV? Why or why not?

Note: I would also want a TV for the Olympics. And the Survivor finales (don’t judge). But that’s it!

Note for those of you who follow figure skating: (I’ve only seen the NHK men’s SP so far) I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Florent Amodio, I think he’s going to be killer in in the next 4 years, he has the most awesome back story too. I’m sad that Weir isn’t competing, but glad to see Abbott back with more kick.


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