Chantrelles & Sage, & Saltos

Recently I’ve been craving chantrelles, but $10.99/lb. just isn’t my bag baby.

I saw them at the Ballard Market for some ridiculous price a couple of weeks ago, $4.99/lb. or $5.99/lb. I was just stopping in and it wasn’t a good time to pick up real groceries, so I made a mental note to come back the next day. By the time I made it back the price was up again. Bummer man.


Then someone tweeted that prices were pretty low at Pike Place. I went there the next day after work and found some for $7/lb. There were supposedly some around there that were $6/lb. but I couldn’t find them and the market was closing. So I got about 3/4ths of a pound of chantrelles and a handful of sage.


In my kitchen at home I heated up the cast iron pan with a lot some bacon grease while I tore the chantrelles down the middle. I read somewhere awhile ago that you should never cut chantrelles, only tear. Don’t know why, but it’s easer than slicing anyway. I finely chopped some sage and pan fried all of it until the mushrooms were tender. Served it as a side to a simple chicken dish, though chantrelles are so meaty it could have easily been a vegetarian dish.

Overly simple, but in a delicious way. Next time I’d like to try them in an omelette (if only I could make omelettes like my father-in-law!) I’m pretty sure I undercooked them a touch, so next time I’ll actually taste test them before serving.

Tonight is aerial dance class, the second to last one of this series I believe. I’m really excited for our last class when we learn the Front Salto on the silks. I couldn’t find a decent video, but it’s our first scary drop. You have to let go of the silk and fall forward. I don’t know how to do it yet, but I’ll get a video. Lately we’ve been going through more small sequences, because ultimately that’s what we’ll be doing in later series.

The sequence below is the one we’ve been doing on the trapeze the last two classes, we’ve also been doing a super small one on the vertical apparatuses (hip lock–>croissant–>mermaid–>catchers–>peter pan).


Our instructors write our sequences on this huge pad of paper so we can see them when we’re up in the air. It’s amazing how quick we forget a simple sequence once we’re up there.

I’m still going to urge y’all to take classes. The intro class is awkward, but it gets to be so much fun when you move on. It’s probably not for everyone, and it’s not the cheapest hobby sadly, but completely worth it for how much it does for me mentally and physically. It’s just downright fun. Do you have any spendy hobbies that are just really worth it for you?


2 thoughts on “Chantrelles & Sage, & Saltos

  1. Krys says:

    Oh, aerials. If I had the money to take a crazy ton of classes, I’d definitely do it again. I just won’t ever be good enough at it without incessant practice, and unfortunately I can’t afford “incessant practice” just now. Someday, perhaps! I like reading about your aerial adventures in the meantime. 🙂

  2. E says:

    Now I want to try chantrelles. Sounds yummy!

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