The Panama Canal and the Ballard Locks

In college, my last English course fulfillment was a persuasive writing course. It all centered around one sizeable persuasive research paper. A lot of people wrote about gun laws, abortion, and electric cars. Me? I debated whether or not the Panama Canal should be expanded to fit increasingly larger ships, The Canal Conundrum was the name of my paper. This is also the class that I wrote a paper about the pros of cow’s milk, claiming that since warm milk helps people to sleep more soundly, then there would be fewer auto accidents caused by falling asleep at the wheel. I push it to the limit y’all.*

It was an awesome paper, and I learned a heck of a lot of useless trivia about the Panama Canal.** By the way, I argued for the expansion of the Canal, despite issues with certain flooding and environmental effects. This was in 2006/2007, and guess what? The Panama Canal is going to be expanded in 2014, I totally called it. Though I also discovered that Panama held a vote for the expansion and it passed in October of 2006. How the heck did I not know this? No, really. I read everything I could find that related to the expansion of the Panama Canal over those 3 months. The internet hid it from me.

Anyway, you’re gonna love this segue, now I live in a city with a miniature Panama Canal–the Ballard Locks. They’re not nearly as exciting, quite dull really. I wouldn’t recommend making a special trip if you were to visit Seattle (which you should in the summer, it’s sublime). But if you do live in Seattle, it’s a nice place to wander around.

A few weeks ago, the husband and I went for a little walk around the train bridge in Ballard. You Seattleites know the one that I’m talking about.


If you look in the opposite direction, you can see the locks.


That’s when I realized that it was Fall. The leaves looked absolutely vibrant, the water was a cool grey, and the damp mist of Seattle winters had set upon us.

We’ve had some very heavy rainfall since then, some freak 70 degree sunny days, and a few very chilly mornings. Yes my friends, the dark, wet season of Seattle is here. I love it.

Bring on the cider!

*I don’t actually believe this, but this particular professor is the type to love this sort of thinking. And he did.

**I discovered in this class, that the more obscure issue you debate, the fewer holes the professor will be able to poke in it without researching the subject himself.


One thought on “The Panama Canal and the Ballard Locks

  1. Gooseberried says:

    Oh my gosh! The trees in that last photo are gorgeous!

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