The Crash

It’s not as dramatic as it sounds, but Caleb was in a car crash two weeks ago. Which if you’ve ever had to deal with the aftermath of an automobile collision, you know that it’s not fun. Especially when you bought the car 2 months ago, and it is now totaled.

For those who are wondering, my husband got in a crash on the viaduct that runs over Seattle. He was just driving straight, a woman in a Suzuki Vittara entered the highway next to him and lost control, spun into his lane, and Caleb hit the broadside of the passenger side full on. Then he ricocheted off her car into a Jetta in the next lane.

Everything has gone relatively smoothly so far with the insurance companies, the fault has appropriately been place on the Vittara driver and her insurance currently has our totaled Honda to make an offer on it. For now they are paying for our rental car, which is great. Now we’ll have to fight them on getting a fair price for our totaled car, considering we just bought it and we bought new tires just a week or two before the accident. We’ll refuse to take anything less than we paid for it all, considering how much time and energy this whole shebacle is taking up and we’re not really being compensated for that.

Best of all though is that Caleb, and no one else, was injured. At the accident scene, Caleb told me that the Jetta driver was complaining about her neck hurting. Now I used to work at a chiropractic office, so I know a thing or two about how collisions effect the spine. It also means I know that she was lying, it is quite impossible for her neck to have been sore immediately after the accident. If anyone was to be injured it would have been Caleb, but he was fine the day of and after the accident. No complaints.

Anyway, so we’re car searching again. It is less than stellar. I loathe car shopping. What we really want is a Mazda2 or Mazda3, but they’re both out of our price range as we prefer to pay cash. It’s rather limiting. We went to several car lots today, and all we came home with was less gas in the tank and more oil to wring out of our hands after touching the used car salesmen.

Wish us luck and we welcome tips!


5 thoughts on “The Crash

  1. E says:

    Car shopping is a pain. I hope you find something you really like, without too much hassle.

  2. kalin says:

    yikes, that sucks!
    have you looked at consumer reports? we’re nerds and love them, and they put out an issue with a used car guide every year

  3. Stevie says:

    I’m glad everyone is ok, but it’s still not fun to deal with all of that. I was in a bad accident last December, but was impressed with how quickly the claim was handled through the insurance company.

    I just saw on Twitter that you’re getting a Ford Focus hatchback – I’ve heard good things! I hope everything works out well.

  4. Delishhh says:

    So sorry to hear. This happened to me on 520 last year. Someone coming from right lane lost control of their car and spun right into me. My car had to ne towed away. I was fine just more of a scary experience.

  5. jaminicole says:


    I totaled my lovely little Honda about a month ago. I was driving down the busy street in Puyallup for work, looked down to check my GPS, and ran into the brand new Honda in front of my.

    My poor little 96 Accord was dead. I was a little devastated, since I’ve been driving it for five years and have put 90,000 miles on it. I LOVED that car.

    …but I also love that the insurance company gave me nearly $4000 for it. Luckily, I think, companies look at the value of what you would pay at a dealership. Considering that my car had about $900 of repairs due, a big dent in the hood, etc, my compensation was a really nice surprise.

    Good luck, hope the aftermath works out!

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