#snOMG, the 2010 hashtag for this years Seattle snow storm.

Now I understand, our “storms” are weak. But we’re often unprepared for icy devastations. Few snowplows, not enough salting, too many hills to count, and drivers that are unaccustomed to such conditions. Which resulted in 40 minute commutes turning into 10 hour commutes yesterday, mine was a measly 2.5 hour commute on what is normally 30 minutes. Then there were people who were stranded when buses never came. I heard about some people taking strandees in and having sleepovers. 🙂

I-5, the main drag around Seattle was a parking lot. Abandoned cars, batteries dying, no gas, no food, no bathrooms, jackknifing buses, and medical emergencies were what ruined that route. They had emergency crews out there to help those in need. For an upbeat Twitter summary, you can read @paolojr who was one of those with a 10 hour commute last night, getting home at 2:30 am I believe.

Watch this video of cars sliding down one of the hills in Capitol Hill I believe, especially minute 2-4 as there’s a bus that slides sideways down the hill.

Some people were hit especially badly, all of Kitsap County may not have power restored until Friday. No Thanksgiving for them! More importantly, no heat. Brrrrr.

Apparently the Seattle Metro has over 200 buses out of commission due to collisions, fires, or being stranded. It’s a nightmare, and of course people are yappin’ about our need for a subway. We do have the Light Rail, not really useful for most of Seattle though. But “someday” it will be. Ha. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Here’s a series of photos of the snowy Seattle area which, by the way, is absolutely gorgeous when it snows.


Here’s some commute stories from last night, I feel so bad for these people:


Seriously, you can mock our freak out over a few inches of snow. But even the Midwesterners around here finally admitted that it was bad. Last night was snowy, freezing temperatures, and up to 50 mph winds. Also not awesome for our numerous bridges, water taxis, and ferries.

Me? I get to work from home and hide from the terrors that lie beyond. Actually the main road in front of my house is perfectly fine to drive on right now, but side streets aren’t great. We have to drive down a rather steep hill to get anywhere so we’re sittin’ tight till it’s melted.

In the meantime, share your winter stories!


5 thoughts on “#snOMG

  1. E says:

    I drove through on 405 to I-5 yesterday in the middle of the day and it was already a bit of a nightmare. The roads weren’t that bad yet, but the accidents were still plentiful.

  2. Katherine M says:

    I’m from Michigan… and this is horrible! Living at the top of Magnolia hill has proved quite eventful… I’ve seen kids sledding down Dravus on yoga mats and I (stranded with no bus and there is no way in hell I am driving my car) got to walk over a mile to the grocery store. And I made the decision not to drive to work on Mercer monday (THANK GOD) and today I called & said “hell no.”

    Here are some good “crashing” videos: http://www.mynorthwest.com/category/local_news_articles/20101123/YouTube-abuzz-with-snow-crash-videos/

    I was planning on going to a Thanksgiving feast in Kitsap Country…. but now that my host is without power, I guess I get to eat all the food I made myself!

  3. Delishhh says:

    I am from sweden and lived in boston an when it comes to snow in seatle the city is pathetic. There is so much prep you can do. Sand salt the major roads and when the snow hits and then keep it up. Tell drivers unless you know how to drive or prepared for snow stay home. And city transportation should be prepared that is no excuse. I know how bad it gets in Seattle so I worked at home. We left on wed for Hawaii an could not get a cab that morning. Really? Seattle is a major city and 3 inches of snow and some cold and the city just rolls over and dies. Will it ever learn? I hope you had a great thanksgiving now on the beach enjoying the sun instead:)

  4. Kimmi says:

    Ugh. I hate snow after living in Pullman. ‘Nuf said.

  5. Gooseberried says:

    That’s crazy! It sort of reminds me of Tucson, AZ. They hardly ever get any rain down there, so the city isn’t built for it. When they do happen to get the occasional rain, the plumbing can’t handle it and therefore, all the streets flood.

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