Why I Hate Lemon Extract

I do. And not because it isn’t tasty.

Many years ago, during a hot summer day, my siblings and I decided to make popsicles. Truth be told I don’t actually remember exactly what happened during the popsicle making process, other than we had popsicle molds and flavorings (extracts and juice). I also know that my older brother made my popsicle for me. Not sure why I would let him do that, probably because I thought he was cool. Thus he could make delicious popsicles, my reasoning at that age was not exactly spectacular. Or he bullied me into it because he was actually going to poison me (little did I know then).

Anyway, so my brother made me a nice lemon popsicle. I like lemon. I like lemon sugar dots. I like lemon meringue pie. I like lemon Jolly Ranchers. And my lemon popsicle was great and tasty.

But, later that night, I woke up with a gut-wrenching stomach ache and ended up sick all over the place (nice visual, eh?) The conclusion was that my brother put too much lemon extract in my popsicle (see, poisoned!) I can’t remember how much he put in, but apparently it was over the limit.

Lemon ExtractSource

And to this day I still shudder from time to time when I catch a whiff of lemon, usually artificial lemon flavoring and smells. I’ve pretty much gotten over it, but I’m still hesitant to use lemon extract. I do have a bottle, I think it was part of a wedding present from my husband’s grandmother. I think I used some in poppy seed bread once, so I’ve eased myself back into it over the years.

But I don’t let anyone make me popsicles anymore.

Have any foods you won’t touch anymore due to similar circumstances? Hopefully not your brother poisoning you via popsicle.

*Disclaimer: I’m not 100% this is how the story happened; for example, it may have been lemon juice. They both have the same effect on me. But it’s how I’ve remembered it for years on end. So it must be true.


3 thoughts on “Why I Hate Lemon Extract

  1. E says:

    I won’t touch hot dogs. I didn’t really ever like them, but once I got food poisoning I wasn’t going near them again. They are just so gross.

  2. kalin says:

    brothers are oh so fun…
    i got food poisoning from burger king once. whenever my brother thinks about that, he gets a whopper. and then calls me to tell me (“kalin remember when burger king made you sick? i just remembered so i’m in their drive thru right now!”)

  3. nikki says:

    Hi. My food I stay away from is white chocolate covered pretzels. The very first time I had them…they were sooo good…I ate the whole bag. I got so sick. I felt awful! I haven’t touched them since. I can not see them or even think about them without feeling a bit ill. I am getting queasy just writing this! It’s been 10 years. Maybe someday…

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