• It’s December 10th, and I don’t have a Christmas tree. And it’s not looking likely to happen either. I do, however, have a palm tree. But I have a feeling that if I put an ornament on it, it will flop over like a Charlie Brown tree.
  • I made gingerbread, and ate all of it. All of it. Well, minus a piece that my husband ate. And he discovered he didn’t like gingerbread. So I ate it. Over the course of two weeks, but still.
  • The dishes desperately need done. Again. Didn’t I just put them away? You’d think that 2 people couldn’t go through that many dishes, but I confess, I’m a serial cup user. I get a drink of water from a cup, and put it in the sink. Which means that we go through cups like crazy.
  • We broke 3 wine glasses in the last month. 2 of them were my fault. And I’m sad since they were my husband’s favorites.
  • After I discovered how cheaply we can keep our apartment heated, it is now always a balmy 70-75 degrees in here. And I love it. Much better than our first apartment that was built a billion years ago and couldn’t hold heat worth beans.
  • I haven’t brushed my teeth yet today. And there’s a new bottle of Scope mocking me naught but 2 feet away. That’s about the distance you should keep from my breath right now.
  • I feel bad that I haven’t made a food post in awhile. My next will either be about my favorite weekday meal (currently) or homemade peppermint patties. Oh yes.
  • There’s something else you should know, I have an obsession with chocolate-peppermint flavored things. Which means that this time of year is awesome for finding chocolate-peppermint flavored everything. I’d brush my teeth with chocolate-peppermint flavored toothpaste. Which would certainly be a step up from the current state of my pearly whites.
  • #snOMG was awesome. I want it to happen again. Minus the crazy traffic and all the bad things, of course. I’m not that mean.

3 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. Stevie says:

    Peppermint ice cream and Candy Cane Jo-Jos from Trader Joe’s are some of my favorite holiday treats!

    There are always at least 12 glasses strewn about our apartment at any given time. It’s ridiculous.

    Looking forward to our blogger meetup on Monday!

  2. Hey I love your new design! We just put our tree up yesterday. I’m now taking off in search of lights, which are proving quite difficult to find. Bleh.

    Gingerbread . . . YUM. Not gluten-free, I guess.

  3. Everytime I visit your blog I always think about how much I love that picture to the right. 🙂

    I think Christmas is sneaking up on everyone. I haven’t thought about shopping or sending out cards or anything, lol!

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