My Musculus Pectoralis

My aerial dance instructors told the class that we should be doing push-ups to build our pectoral muscles. They didn’t even have to be real push-ups, even bent legs would do. The point was just to get those muscles built.

Now I never really do push-ups. I do arm work-outs, I do. I can do real live pull-ups now, more than 1 at a time! But push-ups? That’s a different game.

So last night I did some warm ups. Swung my arms around a bit, did the normal stretches.

Tried doing a couple push-ups, seemed just fine to me. Proper form and everything.

Switched to some core exercises and came back to the push-ups after that. Still pretty alright.

Then I decided to push myself, and I think I failed somewhere with form or didn’t warm up completely because today I am hurtin’. It might also have to do with me trying to show off my pull-up moves to my husband. Maybe.

Today my biceps, triceps, and whatever those muscles are under the back of my shoulders are holding a strike against me.

C, D, and E are where it hurts the most. Source.

I reach up to get a shirt off of a hanger. Ouch!

I brush my hair. Twinge.

Sitting at my desk, I reach under to get something out of my bag. *cry*

I try to stretch it out. Not helping.

So I’m pretty sure that was a bust. Try, try again.

P.S. Tonight’s workout includes nothing to do with my upper body. Legs all the way. Probably till my next aerials class.

P.P.S. Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve done worse. I’m always sore after I do some aerials, I just generally don’t get this sore from workouts.

P.P.P.S. I also didn’t know my pectorals were this wimpy. 😦


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