It was a good Christmas. Proper with turkey and ham, friends and family, and uber sugar overload. Seriously. My mom makes these layered pudding bars that are addicting. So…much…sugar. I’d give you the recipe, but I don’t have it. If I did, I wouldn’t be able to resist making them all the time.

I started out Christmas Eve by going to the dance studio in the morning. It was a great way to start the day, and some really fun aerialists were there that I hadn’t met before. I also learned a new trick, but it’d be impossible to describe. Actually, it was like this YouTube video, except I wrapped the slack around my knee instead of letting it hang. It makes for a shorter drop.

Later, back at the ranch, I packed the husband and I up for our Christmas adventures. I don’t care to share the rest of the holiday with y’all, but it was a good time. I will tell you that I baked cupcakes with caramel frosting (broke my mom’s frosting tool in the process) and Lebkuchen (a German Christmas cookie). They were both for my brother, who only wanted baked goods for Christmas. I also made him peppermint brownies and gingersnaps. He don’t do no home-cookin’ for himself.

My mom gave me a basket with home canned veggie soup, apple jelly, brandied peaches, dilled green tomatoes, and apple cider. I thought it was a great idea, I don’t think any of it will last long. Or the big jar of applesauce I snagged from the shelves. Have I mentioned that I love my mom’s homemade applesauce?

By and large, it was a good holiday. I also found out that more family members and friends read my blog than I formerly thought. Which also means that I’m going to cut this post short.

P.S. My uncle makes better Mexican hot chocolate than your uncle. Nyah-nyah.

P.P.S. Sorry, did I not mention Ten-Fidy (yes, only one ‘d’)? It’s a beer from Oskar Blues. It’s my most favorite beer. And I gave some to my dad to try for Christmas. My husband also gave me some on Christmas. It’s safe to say that you should try it, even if you don’t like beer. It’s very dark and rich, not bitter. It’s also sold in a can, but don’t judge it based on that. It’ll blow your mind with its chocolate-caramel goodness.

P.P.P.S. My husband is the best gift-giver ever. ❤


One thought on “Ten-Fidy

  1. Aunt Lex says:

    Your uncle will be pleased to know his Mexican hot chocolate made your blog! It was wonderful to see both of you. I don’t like beer, but on your recommendation may try the Ten-Fidy… are the hops very strong?

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