Like/Hate Relationship with the Metro System

Let’s start this off by saying that I really appreciate the public transportation system. I do. Sometimes it’s really convenient.

Other times,  like recently, it hasn’t been.

A couple of days ago, my bus driver clearly didn’t know his route. That’s ok, this happens with new drivers, and they usually do just fine. But another passenger convinced him to change the bus route. So now this bus basically became a different bus, with a different route. One that doesn’t stop within walking distance of my house, well, not when it’s below freezing outside.

While I was still reeling from the fact that a rider just got on the bus, convinced the driver to change the bus number, and to a route appointed by the rider, said rider had the gall to sit next to me. I asked him where the bus was going now, he confirmed my suspicions. I asked him why he did that, he said because his bus hadn’t come in awhile.

Ah, I see. That makes sense. Not.

His response to my shock? “At least we’re going in the right direction!”

No. No we’re not. Now my commute home has increased by 20-30 minutes as I now must exit the bus and wait for another bus. Not amused.

It’s not all the rider’s fault though. It’s really Metro for allowing this sort of nonsense to happen.

I ended up getting off of the bus to catch one that actually made my stop, and as the bus I was on drove away from me at the bus stop, I noticed that the bus number was still the same as when I got on. I have no idea what that bus driver thought he was doing. I do wonder where it ended up.

That was problem #1 with Metro this week. There’s more.

The next happened just the other day, on the first of the month. For some reason, my Orca card has consistently not updated itself on the first of every month with my monthly pass that is loaded earlier the previous month. Somewhere around the middle of the month is when it’s updated so I hear. It’s my Orca card from my employer, so I’m not in charge of that aspect. So every first of the month, the card reader says INSUFFICIENT FUNDS. I turn to the driver and explain, they say it’s cool. Rinse and repeat every month.

But this time the driver was quite rude about it. I was leaving the bus, waived my card in front of the machine, it beeps at me, I explain to the bus driver. He asks me if I have cash. I have $2, but the fare is $2.25 as it increased by .25 that same day for the new year. He looks at me like I’m a thief and says,”Nobody rides the bus for free! You owe me a quarter next time!” He said the quarter bit quite a few times as I left the bus. He also told me to take my problem up with Metro.

I was fuming after that incident. I was not riding the bus for free. The pass has already been paid. It’s not my fault that Metro’s system has the inability to recognize that. I resent the driver for embarrassing me in front of the rest of the bus. And I will also not be owing him a quarter. If anything, Metro owes me $2. It’s the principle of the thing. Metro’s glitch is effectively making them extra money each month. Small potatoes, but still. I will attempt to contact Metro tomorrow and see if they can fix the darn thing. But my hopes are low. I had a similar problem earlier this year that they never fixed either.

And they have the gall to raise fare prices this year despite their inability to have a working metro card system.

There’s one more irritation I have this week about Metro, about changing my bus route, but I’ll refrain. It’s just safe to say that I’m not a huge fan of the new route, but it’s not a big deal.

I’ll also repeat that I do appreciate public transportation. But c’mon, really Metro? Do you have to be so irritating so many times in a week?

On the upside, I found a new primary care doctor. He told me I could eat as much pizza as I wanted after he saw my blood test results. Score! The downside to the new doctor is that he discovered my need for a tetanus shot. Oh my arm, why must though ache so?



4 thoughts on “Like/Hate Relationship with the Metro System

  1. girlymama says:

    Thats awesome.
    I was on a bus once when the driver GOT OFF. and left the bus running!!!
    We were all sitting there like, “did that just happen?”

  2. That is not a good way to start off the year. I’ve never taken public transportation here in LA, but I’m pretty sure if you tried to tell the driver to go somewhere different the whole incident would evolve into gunfire.

  3. Stevie says:

    That is RIDICULOUS. Have you called the Metro customer service line to report that guy?

    I haven’t had any problems with my pass recently, but it’s through school so it covers me for the whole quarter and is different from the monthly pass. But on my other Orca, it always took forever for the funds to be available in my e-purse when I would add to it. So frustrating.

  4. Delishhh says:

    First congrats on the blood results. Secondly did you complain to Metro? I would be pissed. I still do not understand why Seattle does not have a subway. By they time the money they spend on SLUT, monorail, buses, 520 expansion and now light rail we could have had a great subway system. I do not get it. . .

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