La Gringita

I’ve spent some time outside of the U.S.

Only a little. A sneeze in time really.

Much less than I would like. And much less than I plan to.

But of my limited time outside the red, white, and blue doors, the majority of it was in Guatemala. You know, that country with the sinkhole.

Recently I found one of my travel journals from a visit there. It’s chock full of entertainment and painfully bad writing. But I’m going to share it with you.

Some of it anyway. I don’t like you that much.

Did I mention that said journal was written whilst in my teens? If it was a blog it’d be called Anxious in Antigua, Complaints in Cobán, or Please Don’t Laugh at the Gringa Wearing a Seatbelt.

Clearly third world culture shock combined with teenage nervousness was not the best combination.

While we’re on the topic of Guatemala, recently my friend @CharynPfeuffer (if you’re on Twitter, follow her) volunteered in Guatemala at AWARE animal rescue as part of The Global Citizen Project. Since then she’s been posting adorable pictures of dogs available for adoption (which, by the way, aren’t that difficult to adopt from the U.S. I hear) If you’re looking for a pet, consider it. They have some ridiculously cute pooches that I hear are quite lovable. Charyn even brought one back with her, named Manchas.

Until the first installment of The Teenage Gringa, ciao!

P.S. Got stuck in an elevator for the first time yesterday. With about 10 other people. If you’re wondering, it wasn’t fun. It also wasn’t that scary, considering we were only stuck on the second floor and only for a few minutes. The worst part was that it got hot fast. It also means I’ll be taking the stairs for awhile.


2 thoughts on “La Gringita

  1. Krys says:

    I am SO AFRAID of getting stuck in an elevator. I ride in them multiple times a day and I think about getting stuck pretty much every time. Ugh!

    • Carrie says:

      I don’t think I could ride in one every day. I did ride one in my freshman year of college every now and then. But only when I was feeling really lazy, it was only up 3 floors. I get a little panicky in elevators that travel 10’s of floors.

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